Aerial view of Milford Sound


The Hollyford Valley is in a wilderness environment and can be affected by the weather.

The weather in Fiordland in general can be very unpredictable and change dramatically, very quickly; the close proximity of towering mountains and the ocean makes for conditions and temperatures that can vary markedly during the course of a day.

Summer months average around 20°C but the evenings can be a little cooler, our lodges of course are warm and comfortable. Winter temperatures average around 10°C on the coast with the evenings much colder. It is not unusual to experience both summer and winter conditions and temperatures on the same day!

It is important to be prepared for the worst conditions, even if they don't occur, and carry the appropriate clothing at all times. In the event of extreme weather the safety of all walkers is our priority and parts of the track may be bypassed if deemed to be of risk. In very rare situations your guide may need to adapt the day's walk, any decision to do this is a professional decision made by the guide, please respect their decision as it is based on experience and with your safety and comfort in mind.

Regardless of the conditions you experience, sun, rain, a combination of the two, or anything in between, your experience on the Hollyford Wilderness Experience will be a memorable one.

Pristine river with rapids in Hollyford