Looking down at tramping boots in native fauna

What to Bring

The Hollyford track has a mixture of well-formed flat trail as well as areas of undulating, uneven ground with tree roots and rocky terrain. It’s essential you have comfortable hiking boots and that you keep your pack as light as possible as you’ll be carrying it for 19.5kms, from the Hollyford Road end to Ka Tuku Lodge.

If you follow our check list below, your pack should weigh no more than 7kg. Once you’ve reached Ka Tuku Lodge, we’ll supply you with a smaller day pack for your essentials for the remaining two days of hiking, while your main pack will be transported via jet boat between the lodges.

The weather in Fiordland is unpredictable and can change rapidly. It is important that you are prepared with the appropriate equipment and clothing. We don’t recommend walking in cotton, silk or denim garments as these are unsuitable for Fiordland conditions. Both our lodges have drying rooms and lightweight, quick-drying clothing has a better chance of drying overnight if it does get wet.

We recommend taking a preventative approach to blisters, by taping up pressure points e.g. heels and making sure your boots are well worn in.

Fiordland is also known for its sand fly population so insect repellent is essential and long sleeves are recommended.

For more information, download our Guest Information Sheet here.  

Suggested Packing List

Walking Gear

  • Base layer – wool or polypropylene thermal long sleeve and long leg

  • First layer – wool or micro fleece long sleeve

  • Mid layer – warm jersey or jacket (wool or fleece, preferably windproof)

  • Outer layer – 100% waterproof rain jacket with hood (we can provide if needed)

  • Trouser – quick dry hiking trousers (zip offs give a good shorts option)

  • Boots – hiking boots (preferably with ankle support and well ‘broken-in’!)

  • Socks – wool or thermal blend

  • Hat – wool / fleece for cold & peaked / brimmed for when hot

  • Gloves – wool or fleece

  • Waterproof trousers and gaiters (optional)

  • Walking poles (we can provide these if you need them)


  • Swimwear (optional)

  • Travel insurance - we strongly recommend all guests have this

Evening Gear

  • First layer – shirt or t-shirt

  • Mid layer – jersey or sweater

  • Trouser – lightweight trousers or track pants

  • Night wear – whatever you like to sleep in

  • Underwear / Socks

  • Additional footwear – light shoes, sandals or jandals for the lodges


  • Water bottle – 750ml bottles are recommended as easier to fill up from streams

  • Sunscreen – SPF 30+

  • Insect repellent (we also recommend anti-histamines if you react badly to bites)

  • Blister pack – ‘Second Skin’ or other blister protection

  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, medications

  • Camera – with memory card /spare film and charger / batteries

  • Money – debit or credit card for beer, wine and souvenirs

Swing bridge with person river with native bush