Underside of native fern


The unique ancient environment within the Hollyford Valley is one we are extremely privileged to be able work within, and something we are passionate about protecting for the benefit of future generations. The Hollyford Wilderness Experience is operated by Ngāi Tahu Tourism, who as the original inhabitants of this part of New Zealand have a long term guiding vision that is about people.

Ngāi Tahu's tourism roots extend back to when our ancestors were the guides for many of the first European explorers. Now tourism allows Ngai Tahu to extend to our visitors our manaakitanga (hospitality) and provide rich experiences within our natural environment, now and for generations to come.

Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri, ā muri ake nei - For us and our children after us

Fiordland Crested penguin


As part of our commitment to conservation in the Hollyford and preservation of the unique wildlife of this area, since 2009 we have operated our own predator trapping programme. This programme targets stoats and other introduced pests which have a significant detrimental impact on the local wildlife. 25 stoat box traps were purchased and our staff laid 19 of these around the Long Reef area where the rare Fiordland Crested Penguins nest, four along Martins Bay Spit where native and endangered coastal and sea birds nest in the sand and two around Waitai Lodge.

Throughout the season our staff set, bait and monitor the traps. We also continue our trapping programme throughout the winter to help towards what will hopefully be a successful and safe breeding season, in particular for the Fiordland Crested Penguin.

 Conservation initiatives:  

  • We have a very strong relationship with DOC (Department of Conservation). We provide support wherever possible for their track maintenance, predator & weed control and various monitoring projects.

  • We have independently laid down stoat trapping lines in the Long Reef, Hollyford Valley area for the protection of the rare Fiordland Crested Penguin.

  • Our jet boats now have 43% more fuel efficient diesel engines. We have also installed battery banks and energy efficient appliances in our lodges to cut down on generator time.

  • We run a composting and recycling programme, including flying all recycling out of the valley.

Tramping group looking up to the forest canopy

Conservation Management Statement

“The operators of the Hollyford Wilderness Experience are committed to the prudent management and sustained preservation of the conservation estate in which it exists. The company appreciates and honours the opportunity it has to operate within Fiordland National Park and Te Wāhi pounamu, a unique environment that deserves respect and care. Despite this protected area being increasingly sought for its wilderness quality, the Hollyford Track management demands of itself and all its guests the preservation of its beauty for all future generations.”