Person holding hollyford map

Preparing for your trip

The Hollyford Wilderness Experience is a valley walk, suitable for most ages (10+).

However, the days are long. The track has a mixture of well-formed flat trail as well as areas of undulating, uneven ground with tree roots and rocky terrain. The first day of walking in particular can be quite tiring for some as you walk 19.5km in approximately 7 hours while carrying your own pack. From Day Three your pack is transported for you while you carry a smaller day pack that we provide for your daily essentials. If you have a reasonable level of fitness, you will find it pleasantly challenging, and highly rewarding!

To prepare yourself, we recommend structuring a training programme (at least 6 weeks beforehand) to ensure your walk with us is comfortable and therefore enjoyable.



A few helpful training tips:

  • Start simple and around town - brisk walks of approximately 1 hour.
  • Wear a backpack weighing about 6kgs to simulate what you will carry on Day One (only) of your Hollyford walk.
  • One month out increase your walks to 3 hours – more as you get fitter - and try bush tracks or uneven terrain to develop balance and the different muscle groups needed.
  • Hills and stair work will greatly improve fitness.
  • Remember hydration and nutrition even in training – drink plenty of water and eat snack foods such as muesli bars, banana chips and chocolate.